“Selfish writers who don’t read many articles.” Maybe you haven’t been on Medium long enough to know how much time most of us actually spend reading other writer’s work everyday. Almost all of the writers I know read 3–20 articles on Medium a day, if not more. Also, the majority of them run their own publications and Medium Facebook groups as well. All while holding down full time day jobs.

Without us there is no content, there are no publications, and Medium gets very little exposure (at least none that is free). Without us Medium is nothing more than a blank white page.

I’m a writer not a Medium business executive. Their business model is on them not me. Medium started in 2012. They’ve had eight years to make Medium profitable. They rolled out the MPP in 2018. After six years in business they should have had a plan to make themselves profitable before they started paying writers.

Those of us that joined Medium before the MPP was in place were just happy to have a place to get our work read. Maybe Medium needs to just go back to that.

Atheists and VERY LEFT. Spewer of sometimes interesting and entertaining gibberish. Find my books here. https://amzn.to/2TQeEwt https://linktr.ee/stevenbhow

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