Neurological Gibberish Poems

My second collection of poetry

Steve B Howard 2020

In this second poetry collection by Steve B Howard he explores such themes as the busted past, the stagnant present, and the burning future. Again, very much in the spirit of Bukowski the jagged edges of high voltage emotions are put through his word chipper mind and shredded out into the world as deep thought provoking blister poems.

Available for Pre-Order on Amazon/Kindle.

Where My Muse Lives

Just this side of agitation is where
I write best. My muse lives in the free
whirling chaos of exploding
super nova ideas.

A back flip across the neurons into
a swimming pool of ghost phrases
waiting to be strung together like
psychedelic jig saw puzzle pieces.

If the Mad Hatter’s brim is where my
muse wants to dance, then we will
hold our grand ball in the sanitarium
while the inmates howl along with
the orchestra.

Atheists and VERY LEFT. Spewer of sometimes interesting and entertaining gibberish. Find my books here.

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