Am I Becoming “That” Crotchety Old Guy?

I recently read an “article” on Medium. The first half of it had some very basic, but potentially useful information for writers about the writing process. But the second half was nothing more than an advertisement for an app and what was being billed as “writing contest” though the “winners” will be chosen randomly and the “prize” was 50% off for what I can assume is a vanity press.

This enraged me. Rightfully so, but my fuming and stomping around the house for twenty minutes later seemed way out of proportion to the injustice I felt this article had committed. And what good did it do me? I could have spent that time writing something. Maybe even this actually. Nope. Instead, I pissed away 20 minutes of my day raging at something somebody getting paid to moderate content on Medium should have taken care of. Stupid is as stupid does, as Forest Gump once said.



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