My Top Ten on Medium (so far)

These are the ten best poems, short stories, and personal essays I’ve written and published on Medium and elsewhere (so far). Eleven are from 2020 and the rest are old favorites. Enjoy.


Short Stories

a short story

The old man had been working in his small vegetable garden when the young foreign reporter approached from the dirt road that led out of the village and into the foothills.

The old man leaned on his shovel and listened to the reporter explain that he had been separated from a group of soldiers he was following into the hills near where the fighting was happening.

They were able to communicate using simple words in broken sentences in each other’s languages. The old man gestured towards his cottage and told the young reporter it would be safer to spend the…

What is Short Form?

Short form is anything on Medium that is 150 words or less.

1.Bold the first sentence.
2. Don’t include a headline, sub-headline, or picture.

That’s it.


This is my first sentence.

Blah, blah, blah, one hundred and fifty times….

If you need more details this is from Medium themselves.

What is Short Shot City?

Okay, with that out of the way, let me tell you about this publication.

This is a place to publish anything (almost) that is 150 words or less in the format described above. Poems, rants, daily thoughts, ect.

How to Write For US?

I’ve decided to make everyone editors like they do on the Partnered…

All the sites I’m on that pay me (at least a little bit).

Before you get all excited, notice the headline says “Currently Earns $$$” and not “Currently Earns A Buttload of $$$”. When I say “earns” I mean between $0.03 a month to around $1500 a month. Though the $1500 monthly cash cow will most likely be put out to pasture come mid-May.

If you were hoping for one of those “How to Get Rich From Your Writing” style articles sorry to disappoint. …

Dumb Joke #18: So, in the Star Trek Universe the Romulans are basically the Vulcan’s meaner cousins. I wonder if there is sort of a Borg Co-op instead of the…

a Sci Fi/Cyberpunk Novel

Chapter Four: Insanity in the System (Final Chapter of Book 1)

We all met in front of the Robo Cafe just before dawn. Sequim’s Urbo was double parked on the street next to Fujimura’s. It was quiet and the streets were empty in the soft darkness of the early morning. Stylish chrome streetlights embedded in the wide sidewalks cast a tiny pools of yellow light. The old and battered buildings along the street fought a contrasting battle with the shiny black ultra-modern carbon fiber buildings that ran continuous streams of video images across their surfaces. The…

Black Bass, Striped Bass, Catfish, Blue Gill, and Crappie

When the movie A River Runs Through It, based on Norman Maclean’s famous memoir, came out in 1992 I think a lot of people like myself suddenly took up fly fishing. Though I’m originally from Washington State and had spent some time on rivers and streams like the ones featured in the film at that time I didn’t fly fish.

So, in 1992 when I decided to take it up I had to make due with the California Delta. Eventually, when I really got into it I think I probably…

Sea Run Cutthroat, Pink Salmon, Chum Salmon, Coho, and beyond.

I taught myself how to fly fish in the early 90’s after seeing “The Hat”, the movie also known as A River Runs Through It. A fantastic short memoir as well. At the time I was living in Northern California near the California Delta and cut my teeth on warm water species such as Blue Gill, Crappie, Black Bass, Striped Bass, and the occasional Catfish (yes, they will take a fly sometimes). Fishing in the heavy polluted CA Delta was excellent training though not only to help me improve my…

Yes, creative writing did make money on News Break, but now they have brought down the hammer on us.

I’m creative writer living in Japan. Actually, I’m an English teacher who writes as a very passionate side hustle. Haiku, poetry, haibun, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels, those are my main jams. So, I was baffled when I got an email from News Break last year asking me to write local American news articles for them. I even emailed them back and said politely, WTF? They responded by sending me another invite.

At first I didn’t write much for…

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