My Top Ten on Medium (so far)

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These are the ten best poems, short stories, and personal essays I’ve written and published on Medium and elsewhere (so far). Eleven are from 2020 and the rest are old favorites. Enjoy.


Short Stories

a short story

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The old man had been working in his small vegetable garden when the young foreign reporter approached from the dirt road that led out of the village and into the foothills.

The old man leaned on his shovel and listened to the reporter explain that he had been separated from a group of soldiers he was following into the hills near where the fighting was happening.

They were able to communicate using simple words in broken sentences in each other’s languages. The old man gestured towards his cottage and told the young reporter it would be safer to spend the…

What is Short Form?

Short form is anything on Medium that is 150 words or less.

1.Bold the first sentence.
2. Don’t include a headline, sub-headline, or picture.

That’s it.


This is my first sentence.

Blah, blah, blah, one hundred and fifty times….

If you need more details this is from Medium themselves.

What is Short Shot City?

Okay, with that out of the way, let me tell you about this publication.

This is a place to publish anything (almost) that is 150 words or less in the format described above. Poems, rants, daily thoughts, ect.

How to Write For US?

I’ve decided to make everyone editors like they do on the Partnered…

My Monthly Money Report for July 2021. Some readers like to hear how much other writers are earning each month, so I thought I’d start doing a short monthly report.

Tedium sent me an email asking if I wanted to take a survey evaluating their performance. They also allowed me to type in my response to several of their questions…

Fortunes are made and lost quick with these damn writing platforms

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Well, I guess I have to eat some crow. News Break announced that they are ending the $1500 a month cash cow base pay system August 1st. A week or so after I gave them this nice little write up (fuckers!, lol).

Oh well, from January 2021 until now (July 2021) I’ve made a little over $10,000 writing for News Break. All the big time players on Medium said that News Break was going to be nothing more than a money grab for writers. …

One more small rant and then I’m done. Last month I earned $14.26 for 21 stories. As of today (July 23rd) am at $14.95 for 5 articles. Only the one…

If I really want to make money, News Break is the place for me to write.

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I love writing poetry, short stories, and novels, but so far those don’t seem to get much traction at all on Medium, Vocal, or News Break. Though, in the case of News Break, they don’t accept creative writing at all anymore.

Kudos to Vocal for recently at least seeming to give shit about fiction, but honestly, Vocal feels a lot like Wattpad, a writing platform that for this introvert was like trying to join the popular cliches in high school. …

I’ve been drafting a story about my feelings about the new Medium Creator’s Fellowship bullshit. But I think I’m too pissed off right now to organize my thoughts clearly enough…

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Some people might be surprised to learn that Washington State has a fairly healthy population of Eastern Brook Trout. I’m not sure when they were added as game fish to Washington State, as the “Eastern” part in their name suggests, they are not native to Washington. But many lakes and some smaller streams and rivers in the Cascade mountains have them now.

Technically there isn’t a native population of Brook Trout in Washington State, but I have read there is at least one river or stream, a tributary to the Columbia River, I think, that now has a self-supporting wild…

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