My Top Ten on Medium (so far)

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These are the ten best poems, short stories, and personal essays I’ve written and published on Medium and elsewhere (so far). Eleven are from 2020 and the rest are old favorites. Enjoy.


Short Stories

a short story

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The old man had been working in his small vegetable garden when the young foreign reporter approached from the dirt road that led out of the village and into the foothills.

The old man leaned on his shovel and listened to the reporter explain that he had been separated from a group of soldiers he was following into the hills near where the fighting was happening.

They were able to communicate using simple words in broken sentences in each other’s languages. The old man gestured towards his cottage and told the young reporter it would be safer to spend the…

What is Short Form?

Short form is anything on Medium that is 150 words or less.

1.Bold the first sentence.
2. Don’t include a headline, sub-headline, or picture.

That’s it.


This is my first sentence.

Blah, blah, blah, one hundred and fifty times….

If you need more details this is from Medium themselves.

What is Short Shot City?

Okay, with that out of the way, let me tell you about this publication.

This is a place to publish anything (almost) that is 150 words or less in the format described above. Poems, rants, daily thoughts, ect.

How to Write For US?

I’ve decided to make everyone editors like they do on the Partnered…

It is looking like I might actually earn a dollar a day on Medium this month. I haven’t done that a a while. That’s about 7.5 cups of coffee at…

Well, some good news and some possibly bad news for News Break. The good news is I got paid for my first month on NB and it was good pay…

NewsBreak versus Medium

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Technically, I’m not writing for News Break. More like cutting and pasting like an insane idiot. Since I got an invite to join in January 2021 I’ve started moving my Medium stuff over there.

When I first received the email from NB inviting me to join I thought it was just another scam. I emailed them back and said something like, “Uh, have you guys actually read my stuff? Because I’m no journalist.” …

A Cyberpunk Short Story

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Nishi-CT11–48 spent all day on his feet checking and re-checking tax information for discrepancies. Vertical streams of numbers and Kanji glowing black and red against a wall sized white screen consumed all in his tiny cubicle. As he finished processing the numbers and characters, small white silicon disks would drop from slots in the tall black server into data storage bins that lined the floor of his cubicle.

Twelve hours in and he could feel a tiny bead of heat in his left frontal lobe where his data processing chip was implanted. The corporate Link-Chip on his left wrist flashed…


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When the artist is too lazy to make any sense
then the muse goes silent and swings from the rafters
on a slip not guitar string cop out.

If I sound all wise and mystical.
why doesn’t anyone buy into my gibberish?
One dollar gets you the fake keys to the universe.
The paper Mache Lamborghini going 0 to 180,000
on this neuro-light imagination freeway.

How do you make monsters redeemable?

With heavy hearts and demented brains they walked through the wastelands feeding on the weak. Sandbag my soul, the river of red is rising and I’ve got no…

As many other writers have mentioned the weird stories are king on News Break. When trying to envision your target audience on News Break, based on the comments, I think…

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